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Tulip Consultancy International stands for sustainable innovation of organizations and processes abroad. With respect and appreciation for its clients, existing methodologies and strategies are transformed into viable plans that help realize the long-term objectives.

TCI operates as a close partner to its clients rather than a distant service provider.

In its conducts, TCI is obliged to:

Create a sustainable advantage by offering unique solutions;
Create competences and mobilize organizations;
See integrity and social responsibility as the standard;
Encourage and respect personal growth;
Act and operate with passion and confidence.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

TCI believes in a social world, in which respect and appreciation do not have to pose a threat to the functioning of the free market. In its own actions and objectives, TCI tries to adhere to the cycle of take, produce, use and re-use and to incorporate these in its services and products for its clients. Socially responsible entrepreneurship is a matter of cultural change that requires time and patience. TCI believes that with many organizations and individuals acting socially responsibly, together with an input of young and socially responsible entrepreneurs, this change will have occurred within a few decennia. Do you also have faith in this principle? You are not alone. Let us inspire each other.

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About us

TCI is an independent company with access to a network of experienced specialists who provide information and advice to companies in the business sector and the government. If so required TCI is also instrumental in implementing these recommendations.

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