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Legal Services

For enterprises who (want to) do cross border business, a sound knowledge of international law is of prime importance.
Whether it involves a contract with an Italian business or an investment in growing economies such as China, Turkey or Kurdistan Regional Government, professional legal help and advice is essential.

One aspect of international contracts which receives too little attention is often the quenstion of wich law is to be applied when interpreting a contract! If this is overlooked it an mean that you may encounter unpleasant surprises. In some countries, for example, a shorter prescriptive period is applicable. this could have bearing on your receivables. in addition, legal processes in some countries can be extremely costly or can take an enormous amount of time. Depending on the situation you could in some special cases actually opt for the legal terms of your foreign partner.

TCI advises companies in all aspects of international law. In order to provide you with the best possible assistance we work closely with other advisors offices and legal firms within the international TCI-Alliance.

The international legal assistance of TCI comprises of, amongst others:

Company/corporate law
Property law
Insurance law
Maritime legislation
Transport law and logistical regulations
Customs law
Insolvency law
International trade law

With TCI, you will break through all barriers and you create unprecedented opportunities. Feel free to contact us; a noncommittal introductory meeting is easily arranged.

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About us

TCI is an independent company with access to a network of experienced specialists who provide information and advice to companies in the business sector and the government. If so required TCI is also instrumental in implementing these recommendations.

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